Lucy The Cat And Little Kittens

Lucy The Cat And Little Kittens

is a charming Picture Book Series for Children and Cat Lovers Vol 4

In her fourth book Lucy The Cat continues to tell her charming stories with beautiful pictures. This time she tells about her new sister Danielle and two brothers Dumbledore and Dominique. We can follow their life right from the day they were born until they are a couple of months old.

Lucy’s mama cat is very busy to take care of the little ones and to teach them all the skills cats need to learn. Mama’s days are filled with feeding and grooming the kittens. When kittens start to walk and explore the world around Dumbledore is the bravest one. He is a natural born leader and the others follow him.

Lucy The Cat visits her siblings often and plays with them. Catch-My-Tail is the favorite play. Would you like to join?

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