Lucy The Cat Vol 6 Bilingual

ねこのルーシー Vol 6


Charming Bilingual Picture Book Series for Children and Cat Lovers Vol 6



Lucy The Cat Sushi Time Bilingual Japanese – English

Written by Pertti Pietarinen,

Translated by Sarah Ikeya

Illustrated by Pertti A Pietarinen

ねこのルーシー: おすしの じかん  本語 - 英語


: ペルッティ・A・ピエタリネン

翻訳: いけや咲良

イラスト: ペルッティ・A・ピエタリネン


The adorable Sacred Birman, Lucy The Cat enjoys telling stories about her life. In her sixth book she tells about her favorite dishes. 



She loves to eat similar food as her human mom and dad. She likes to eat beef and she knows that fish is healthy. When mom or dad comes from grocery shopping Lucy wants to check what is hiding in the shopping bag. Is there anything for her? Lucy loves to participate in fishing trips, too. 




Lucy has seen videos about Japanese life and sometimes she dreams about Japan. Raw fish is her favorite delicacy so she wants to eat sushi and sashimi like a real Japanese. Fresh tuna is her favorite she cannot resist. However, green tea and soy sauce are not for her. She prefers cream and water and ice cream would be the best dessert. After eating Lucy wants to help also with the dish washer. 

ルーシーは日本のくらしを映像で見たことがあって、時には日本の夢も見るの。お気に入りのごちそうは生のお魚。だから、れっきとした日本人のように、お寿司やお刺身を食べたがるわ。お気に入りは新鮮なマグロで、その誘惑には勝てない様子。でも緑茶とおしょうゆは苦手。生クリームや水のほうが好きで、最高のデザートはアイスクリーム。お食事のあとは、ディシュ・ウォッシャーでお手伝いもしたがるわ。 e-book アマゾン・アメリカ・ブック

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