Lucy The Cat Enchanted Forest

Charming And Engaging Fairy Tale Picture Book For Cat Lovers.


Lucy The Cat Mystery Queen is the eleventh volume in the Lucy The Cat series. 


Lucy The Cat loves traveling, and she would love to go all over the world. This time she goes out after breakfast and meets a fairy who sends Lucy to a magical mystery tour to the palace of Mystery Queen. 


Magic is real and Lucy comes to a magnificent Mayan temple. Out of the blue, a friendly lady appears. She welcomes Lucy and guides her way to the Mystery Queens castle. The path goes through a huge cave and there are many scary rooms on the way. Lucy meets a troubadour, dragon, and snakes.  A mean-looking guy scares Lucy and locks her in a prison cell. Can Lucy ever get free?


Finally, Lucy will meet Mystery queen for an afternoon tea. But how can she return back home?



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